Brave Girls, Beautiful You {A Book Review}

7:40 AM

I got this devotional with my sister in mind. Kailin is nine years old and enjoys me and our sister going over a book every night with her, and BookLOOK had this one up for grabs, so I took it. I felt iffy on if Kailin would enjoy it or not. She loves activities and fun things throughout instead of just a little reading, and this one didn't disappoint as you will soon see....
Every girl wants to be brave and beautiful, comfortable in the skin they're in. This ninety day devotional strives to show girls that beauty comes from the inside, and God made them just the way they are.
The book covers six sections throughout the days: Beauty Basics, covering the fact that we are flawed but made gorgeous because of Who made us. Radiant Reflections keeps on reflecting on our sinful past and future but  how God loves us despite it, and will help us fight future temptations. Works of beauty keeps on the fact that we are truly beautiful when we love others. In the end of almost every devotion in this section has multiple activities to choose from to work on loving those around us. Beautifully Clothed allows girls the chance to see how God can change us for the good if we throw off the "old wardrobe" and embrace Him. Every day from this section shows what our sinful self wants to do vs. the God Girl. Kingdom Fitness keeps with our bodies and how they're a Holy Temple for the Lord. It has quizzes, puzzles and other fun stuff I know my little sister will whole-heartedly enjoy.  Creative Beauty sums it all up beautifully, showing that we are uniquely made.
Overall this book is fun and smash of everything a tween girl should love, covering many different age appropriate topics. I know I would have enjoyed this type of book when I was younger.
Some of the situations posed in the book may be a bit uncommon, but the rest (such as talking to adults or opting out and simply ignoring them, playing with kids your Dad invited over or whining about it) is things I could totally relate to as a child!
The fact that it's like three girls (Hope, Glory, and Gracie) are writing it makes it more personal. I love that in each section it has different little things to add to the fun, and the prayer pointers are always a nice touch. The writing style is also personal and I recommend this to any young girl.

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