Meeting a Best Friend is One of the Best Things in the World

7:27 AM

Hola readers!
Friday I met one of the best friends you will ever find. We met quite randomly online three years ago on Go Teen Writer's (the blog), when I saw a comment she had asking for someone to be her partner in crime (er, critique partner).
Long story made short, we really read next to nothing of either of our stories and decided we made much better friends, pen pals, e-mail pals, phone pals, and messaging pals. So we chose that instead. And three years of long e-mails (and more recently) super long letters later, we decided it was high time we hugged in person.
Friday we met at Cracker Barrel and let me say, there is nothing like meeting a sister in Christ who is super sweet and loves giving hugs! This is the second time I've had this adventure (one of my best friends in the world, Alyssa, I had the privileged of meeting four years ago in North Carolina and again two years ago).
My spring has already gotten off to an amazing start!
Naomi and I talked for three hours (having conversations about everything from death to Sherlock, which is related, to anything that came to mind).
It's funny how God brings folks in our lives, giving us people who shape our character and make our lonely lives far from lonely. He gives us friends just when we need them most, and sometimes those people come in the most unique ways. I have found this true for every single friend who has crossed my path over these past years!
So do you have any internet friends whom you had the opportunity to meet? Please do comment below and give me the story!

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  1. That's so brilliant that you got to meet her in real life! How fun! :)
    ~ S. F.


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