Writer's Wednesday {A Dream of a Story I Had}

7:38 AM

Hola readers! Today is the first day in my "Writer's Wednesday" where I talk about one of my favorite things - writing.
I love it so much but rarely chit chat about it here. I am today however, though it's about a story idea that came to me last weekend in a dream. It was very complex and could end up as a very long book if I allowed it to be. When I woke up I remembered characters' names, their approximate ages, places, etc, etc. I had it all figured out - it was so strange and amazing. So I'm going to share a bit about the story now....

So in my dream there was this wood - a wood between time.

 Time didn't exist here. Anyone from any time period could enter the secret forest as long as they entered the same one. And all the children had to be the same age (minor detail ;).

So two siblings - I'll call them Drake...

and Lily.
They  enter this forest while exploring behind the small town their grandparents live in, and find themselves swept into a place where all these children are - some who once lived in 1850. Before they got "lost".
So what do you think? The plot is thicker in my dream but I won't ruin the story. Honestly I forget some of the main parts of my dream but the above is the general idea.
I need a break from my current writing ideas and this one is new - I think I'll dive into it, taking a break from Medieval stuff. ☺
Have a blessed weekend readers!

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6 of your thoughts

  1. This actually sounds like a book I read once....woah. XD


    1. Oh what book was it? I was afraid my dream ran off of something it heard of once and though I've never read a book like it before, I didn't know.... =)

  2. ooooooh sounds cool! very unique idea. I like it :)

  3. Oh, this actually sounds great! If you ever do write a book, save at least a dozen copies for me ;)

    1. I will for sure and certain! Maybe you can be my proof reader if that's your thing... ;)


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