Writer's Wednesday: Meet Some of my Characters

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Hola readers!
I thought I'd introduce some of my main characters from my story "The Broken Prince". There's a wide range of people, their heritage copied off Anglo-Saxon and vikings. It's been a lot of fun so far and writing abouts for my characters is always great for getting them figured out in my mind.
Without further ado...

Yes I know it's Mordred - not Milosh - but I saw him as Milosh before I even saw Merlin! 

Milosh is the Mr. Rochester of "The Broken Prince" (minus being married and he's also a bit younger then Mr. Rochester). Milosh is the son of the most hated King Thayer of Sindaleer, He hates life, hates the peasants who have always assumed he will turn out just like his father, even hates his father.
He is prone to self-harming, curses like a sailor, and longs for someone to understand him. Despite his temper, his manservant Hunter sees something beyond the blackness - a broken heart and hidden humanity that sometimes leaks through.
He sees Milosh as the older brother he never had, and Milosh sees him as the pest he never wanted. Yet Hunter is someone who actually understands him and treats him as a person other then the monster he feels like he's becoming.

Serena is the quiet yet fierce character in my story. She is Marked, meaning she has a special gift that Thayer fears. If he learned that she worked in his castle, having the gift of fire, then he would kill her, her blood staining the ground for all to see.
She really has no friends, but not because she doesn't want to. She longs to get close to someone, but is afraid that if anyone get too close they would fear her. She would rather push people away if it means staying alive.
 Her main goal is to save Hunter who is part of illegal actives, smuggling boys out of the kingdom - boys the king wants to force to fight for him.

Hunter is Milosh's manservant and Serena's younger brother. He's one who speaks his mind if he feels it's right, and he doesn't fear death or pain. He only wishes to keep Serena safe and to make the best of his circumstances as the prince's most trusted, using that power to give information to his band of smugglers. He hates lying to Milosh, the man a piece of him has begun to look up to. He may only be thirteen but he's a man in the eyes of his country and he wishes to be treated as such.

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