10 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 25

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I have a bucket list and I'm sure a lot of people reading this have one too or at least a few hopes and dreams for their life. The things on my bucket list tend to be more unattainable then something that will be a reality in the near future, so I decided to create a list of things that are more likely to take place.
I have some things I'd like to accomplish now, things I dream about and feel God calling me to do. So, presenting 10 things I want to accomplish (and dream about doing) BEFORE I turn 25 (which is over five years away).....

1. Go to the Passion Conference in Atlanta Georgia
This is one of me and my friend amazing friend, Alyssa's, dream. The conference just sounds like something I need right now and I'm kinda planning to go down there Jan. 2017. Very, very, excited about this!

2. Go to Florida
This is one of those hopes that comes from knowing people down there, plus I want to go to the beach, which I haven't done since I was eleven.

3. See Switchfoot live
Seeing these guys is an all time dream for me and one that WILL be accomplished (if only they'd come in my state!)

4. Foster some children
I'm waiting to fulfill this dream (I feel is coming from God) when I turn 21 and am of age, with a job and apartment. Right now it seems far away and unattainable but I feel that through Jesus I can do anything when He is the one leading me.

5. Meet my SisterHOOD girls
I had a Robin Hood fangirl group started on Pinterest and made some incredible friendships. I'm hoping we can all get together one day and this is my dream to fulfill before I turn 25 - hopefully in a few years...if everything fell into place.

6. Do an Internship perhaps in Richmond VA
I've dreamed of doing one for awhile now and would love to help children in Urban areas. Getting some training would totally be a dream come true!

7. Publish a story

8. See Finding Dory
I was a HUGE Dory fan when I was younger so what's better then seeing her on the big screen in June?!

9. Get a job
This is more of a need then a want but it hovers near a want as well. Lord-willing I can get one someday in the near future

10. Ride a motorcycle
*coughs* coughs* This scares me so much but I REALLY would like to try to ride on a motorcycle (providing that someone is driving it besides me). I may not gather up enough courage by the time I sit on it but I'd love to try.
If that didn't work I would love to ride a four wheeler again. I loved doing that when I was young and haven't been on one in ages!

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