The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder {Book Review and Slightly Fangirl Post}}

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The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder from Rachel McMillan
Publisher: Harvest House
Pages: 224
Publication date: 2016 

It's 1910, Toronto Canada and two single girls (as well as flatmates) are determined to be good (or even greater) consulting detectives then Sherlock of England - at least Merinda is anyway. Jem Watts is dragged along for the adventures when Merinda launches the business in their flat. Other then a few humdrum mysteries nothing turns up until two Irish girls are murdered in the city.
Merinda and Jem are determined to solve the case, going against what society says is proper for young ladies. They don men's clothes and go about the city, hunting for clues and joining forces with police constable Jasper Forth, who I think has a crush on Merinda.
While Merinda is trying to find a way to the top as a detective, Jem (who meets a very handsome reporter, Ray DeLuca), may just leave bachelor hood behind for love.
I am a Sherlock Holmes fan (the books and hit BBC TV show included) so I was very excited to read this book where two ladies solving murders is more fun then staying home. Merinda takes the role as the amazing Sherlock Holmes and Jem as John - the one who doesn't know if she wants to go along for the ride but is dragged in anyway.
It's a fun ride indeed! This may be a murder mystery but there is heaps more fun to be had then darkness! I think I smiled pretty much through the whole story, finding many Sherlock puns sprinkled throughout. The mood felt light and there was even a version of Mrs. Hudson in the book!
The writing style is very well done and it was very interesting to see a book placed in somewhere new - somewhere I haven't read too many books in - Canada in the early 1900s.
Ray Deluca was a very fun character and I thought that he and Jem were very good for each other,. Instead of holding Jam from helping Merinda\, he jumped on board for the ride too, being just as much fun as the two bachelor girls (very similar to Mary and John in the show).
Did I like this? You bet!
The front cover is catchy and overall this is just a great read that has sprinkles of suspense and just plain old reading fun. Recommended for the Sherlock fan for sure! The footnotes at the bottom of the page were a lot of fun, and the humor was perfect for the story! This is something both suspense fans, who want to go into something lighter and more Hallmark channelish, as well as a Historical fiction bookworm will enjoy. My Mom and sister enjoy lighter reads and I the more darker mysteries - both of us enjoyed the book highly.
Two thumbs up to Rachel McMillan - I want to read more of what you wrote!!!!


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  1. YES! So much yes about this review. Kara, I agree. This one was lovely. Cannot wait to read more from Rachel. Her style is amazing. :)

    1. YES it is so amazing that it makes me want to get up and see Sherlock! I'm having any of her other books on my must-read list for sure!


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