Why I Think I Keep Hitting Dead Ends

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Hola readers!
I felt God speaking to me a few days ago and I had peace. This is what it's going to be, wow that wasn't so bad. It's a piece of cake to trust God right now and everything will be OK. I'll sit back and let Him work.
Then it all fell apart.
Nothing will be that easy for me right now.
 What I thought was confirmed, wasn't confirmed at all! God just threw me a curve ball in life, waiting to see if I would fail or pass the test. At first I was on the road to failing - plainly speaking, I freaked.
All of a sudden that "easy answer" was far from easy, and I frantically tried to fix that. I searched a gazillion internships and gap year programs online and found nothing. No open doors, no light from heaven, nothing. I had zero answers, plus a week or so spending every minute of my computer time wasting away life on google search.
Every answer from google became a complete and utter dead end and I think I know why. Sometimes God doesn't want the answers to be easy and plain in sight where we instantly have them. That is because if everything came easy without a bit of doubt then there would be no trusting involved. No leaps of faith. Nothing to look back on and say, "WOW, I love how God worked the impossible there!"
When He give us dreams and the green light to pursue and seek them, then of course go for it, but sometimes, when all that comes down our path is forks in the road, a dead end or road to nowheresville, I think God is saying, "hold up, I got this. Wait for me." And the older I get the harder that is.
No longer is it me putting my trust in little things like if or if not Walmart will have the bike in stock or if I can go rollerblading with the family from church, but if or if not I'll be forced to pay for my own car insurance, and if or if not in the fall I'll be headed for something like YWAM or the like.
It means time is slowly ticking on the clock and you're terrified it'll be a last minute decision. Or that friend is headed down the road we know is wrong and we can't steer them away no matter how hard we try. Or we're in over our heads with something deep in our life and it's burying us alive.
You and I should see this as God's "upping" us up to the next level in our relationship with Him. When we are suddenly thrust in a situation with trusting Him with something bigger then we've ever had before, I think God is saying, "you've past the tests fairly well over the years, and now it's time for you to grow even more."
Sometimes we're ready at a very young age and sometimes He waits until we're almost eighteen.  Sometimes what can seem big tests for some of us can seem little to others, but He designs each test to match our abilities and character growth. He doesn't mindlessly allow obstacles, but carefully and lovingly gives us what we need to know more. He may let us bend but never break. He never gives us more then we can handle, only what we need.
The teacher is always silent during the test and so is our heavenly Father. He is allowing us to grow closer to Him, to put our full trust that He has it no matter how rough the road is and how many people step away from His calling.
Life is a journey of dead ends, bumpy roads, unanswered questions, and failed (and hopefully past) tests, but through all of that we have a steadfast God who is our trail guide and map every step of the way.

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  1. Amen, Kara! Waiting patiently on the lord is probably the most difficult command to follow, and yet God often asks us to do just that. Wait. Sometimes he doesn't open a window when he closes a door. We're always looking ahead, looking to get to the next thing, but that's not necessarily God's objective. Sometimes he cuts off all our options because he wants us to wait on him, trust him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

    1. YES exactly Dani - I couldn't agree me!!!!!! What you said is exactly what He's laid on my heart of late!!!!
      Thank you for your sweet and encouraging comment. ♥

  2. Thank you, Kara for this post! I needed this post. :)


    1. I'm glad what God spoke to me could help your lovely self! Thank you for commenting. ♥
      Love and in Christ,


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