Measured Faith

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All my life I've struggled with my comparative nature. I measure my faith in Jesus, seeing if it's as strong as family and friends. I want to have faith as big and daring as their's but often find myself not adding up. I measure my faith by what I do and don't do. It's tiring, weakens me. I hate it and yet I do it.
And I'm not the only one.
I've heard people around me say, "now I know I don't have near as much faith as so and so!" I think deep down we all do it. We compare because we want to see if we have worth, to see if we really measure up into something great. We want to be just like the strong Christians around us, but often find that our faith seems lacking.

\\....God shows no partiality...\\ Acts 10:34

The good thing abut God is (or maybe I should say "the great thing"), is that He doesn't measure how strong our faith is. He isn't a God who compares one of us to another. He sees any of us with even a little bit of faith the same as someone with seemingly great faith. He doesn't compare it with what everyone else has done, but sees you as an unique individual with talents and dreams who can accomplish mighty and great things through Him.
He sees each person in this world as together in Christ no matter who we are or what we've done in the past.
I think that's amazing! In a world that continually compares and fights for attention, God refreshingly says, "just believe. That's it. Have faith in me."
In our weakness He is strong. He doesn't compare. He doesn't choose one over the other. He doesn't say someone is better then another because of what he or she has done.
He loves us no matter what, and never ever measures our faith to see which is greater.

\\ are all one in Christ Jesus.\\ Galatians 3:8

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  1. This is a great reminder. I'm often intimidated by my siblings or others who have such strong relationships with Christ. God is calling me to gradually to be a better Christian, it takes time, but we shouldn't waste it on little minor things that won't get us into heaven, like gossiping, love from others, or watching/reading/listening to things that aren't bettering our relationships with Christ, or others for that matter.

    Great post, you are always inspiring me! :)

    Allie D.

    1. Thanks so much Allie! Yes, becoming a stronger Christian is a gradual process full of twists and turns and tests and bumps and mess-ups and all that good stuff that strengths our character. I'm with you on comparing yourself to siblings!
      Keep fighting the good fight beautiful. ♥

  2. Wow this post really spoke to me. I've had the same issue, comparing my faith with the people around me and wondering if it's as good. I'm so thankful we have such an amazing, loving Father who cares for each and every one of us. :)

    With Love,
    Elizabeth Anne

    1. I do too and it's so easy to feel depressed and wonder if I'm even worth it - if my faith is so small that the biggest challenges will break me. With God's love we can stand through anything though - no matter how much faith we feel we have!
      God bless!


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