Mystical Worlds Why I Think We Love Them

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There's countless places imagined in between the pages of stories that feel very real no matter how unrealistic. Some of my favorites would be Narnia, Middle Earth, Camelot, the home of Eregon and some of my own made up worlds in my writings. 
These places are amazingly real. Narnia became my sanctuary in 5th grade and on, and I always longed for a wardrobe to call my own (I admit I still do). We all long for new places and exciting creatures, adventures (though we'd prefer that without the pain ;), and handsome princes (if you're a lady) to come rushing in and save you. 
Fairy tales and fiction are so amazing that we want them to be real, long for places like Narnia or Middle Earth and spend a day or two in Hobbiton. 
These places seem ever the more exciting then our mundane lives. Through the homework, bad days at work and all that we just want to go away to somewhere where none of that exists. 
And we also long (might I add) for a happy ending - heaven forbid all the characters die (and if you're watching BBC drama then I'm pretty sure that's what you'll get). We want to see everything come out right in the end, for the light to defeat the darkness. 
The thing is I'm 100% sure there is a reason behind this longing. We long for other worlds because this one we are currently living is, isn't our home. We aren't supposed to want to stay here because there is another place greater and more splendid then this world. We aren't supposed to be content - God has wired us to want another place, to long for another world because here is only the journey and adventure. Everyday we're moving steadily towards heaven if we're a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.
We long for a happy ending because again, God created us that way. If we follow Him He doesn't promise an easy journey. It'll be fraught with danger and even pain. In the end however there is an amazing ending where darkness will be gone forever. The characters (the Christians) will arrive at their destination, the other world, Aslan's country, and there the journey will continue. But this one will be full of joy, perfectness - the happy ending we wish I feel, for every character we witness on TV. 
This world Heaven is with the adventure but without the pain. The prince who saved me awaits your's and mine arrival, the king preparing our forever home.
We are wired to want another world because this place isn't our home.
We are created for happy endings because Jesus has one planned if we only follow Him,


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  1. I love this! It is so true. Thank you for sharing, Kara. ♥


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