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This seems like a very fun tag and I couldn't help but steal it from a fellow blogger. Let's begin shall we....
A short but powerful book....

I haven't read tons of books by Kingsbury but this one deserves to be called 'powerful'! I literally had tears in my eyes as I finished it! The plot was perfect and the author absolutely rocks the characters!!!!

A good, long book....

This is probably the longest book I have on my shelf and one of the best World War II based books I've ever read. It is 500 some pages so it took me a bit to finish it but I really think this could make a really good movie! There's pages and pages of the escape as well as their lives before and what it was like at the camp. It was sweet, heart breaking, suspense filled, romantic at times as well as very violent.
I loved it!

Favorite classic (on your shelf)
This is close to be one of my most favorite books in the world, almost one of the best classics ever, and almost one of the best romances ever written. I highly LOVE LOVE LOVE this read! No movie has yet to do it justice - especially the part where Mr. Rochester changes in the end, and then later get's back his sight There's a lot of Christian themes here that never make it on screen which I find really sad. So anyway, anyone should read this book who loves the movie - it's well worth it!!!!!

People never ever talk about this book, yet I thought as I was reading it (and now as I look back) that this book (or at least some of the Bible mysteries), should totally be a Sherlock special sometime! Yes, I've said that before on other fandom related posts but it's so true! The book was a bit hard in of itself to read but Sherlock and John were perfect, and I could've sword the author had seen the BBC show! Of course he hadn't since while he wrote the show ceased to currently exist.
This one deserves to be a movie - a well made one I might add!

An Underrated book...

  People do love this book - I've seen bits and pieces of conversation online where people will be like, "read the WHOLE Giver series!", yet how come this isn't more popular?! I feel like the whole Giver Quartet should not only have tons more fans but also movies to go along with it! I just don't understand why people weren't fans of the first Giver movie to make another (Messenger) and then Son (which should be a movie by all means)!
It was perfect fantasy/dystopian stuff and written so beautifully done! Plus Gabe's story didn't end in The Giver but everything is HERE in this book!!!

An overrated book...

Ah The Hunger popular it became a movie franchise and is still popular like it was when it was first released. So I took it upon myself to read the series to see what all the fuss was about and was utterly disappointed. The love triangle was really a disaster, Katniss a jerk and the end of the series enough to make me cry for all the wrong reasons.
People are probably shocked right now and wondering how I can put down such a good book but it's true. Maybe the movies were better - I really have no clue. I just didn't like this book or the others.

Most re-read book...

By all means this first volume of Christy Miller! I read it about fifty times when I borrowed it countless times from the library at the age of eleven and now I own it, which means I probably have re-read it another fifty. I just can't help but cry when Christy cries and eagerly read the College and Married years after I've finished the series of Christy Miller.
I don't think there's too many people out there who've read the books and then hated then. Todd is just too amazing and sweet and Christy is that jerk in the beginning and by the Married years....I'll just say she grows up a lot by then!!!!

Of all the books you own, how many have you not read?

Three. Yes readers - out all my fifty some books I've only not read three. I only get books if I know or at least assume from reviews that I'll like them. Plus most of my books come from free book programs and then I have no choice but to read.

A book you haven't read

And I read half of it already so I guess it counts?

A collection of short stories
I don't even own a novella. Would Christy Miller count again? If so I'm adding it to my mental list so you probably would prefer no more ranting on the topic. =)

A non-fiction book...

Here is a non fiction book I could rant and rave about its awesomeness for some time! It reminded me a lot of Do Hard Things, and is funny in its own way as well as thought provoking and challenging but not at all a difficult read! I want to read more about Mark Batterson - he's a genius at writing books that challenge us to do what God calls us to do fearlessly and with faith!

A Book (physical copy not the story itself) that has an interesting story behind it...
This is one of the first suspense books I read and the funny thing was, how much I scared myself while reading it. I would sit in semi darkness in the kitchen at eight in the night immersing myself in this lovely suspense with guns and bombs and very creepy bad guys, when BOOM! The cat outside decided to jump around and knock things down all over the porch. My heart jumped into my throat and just when I had calmed down, my brother came in and slammed a box on the floor right when I had just immersed myself again.
So there, a hopefully interesting story about I can make myself scared to death and I usually do when reading suspense.

Have you ever read any of the books I listed? Did you agree with what I said? I'd love for you to comment!

I tag:
And anyone interested in doing this lovely tag! I can't wait to see your bookshelf!

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