I Think I'm A Chicken

7:47 AM

Yesterday God pressed on my heart, "stop what you're doing and go through the door".
Ummm............what door God?
Right now, of today, I'm still a little mystified about what door He's speaking about. However I'm waiting and in the mean time God also whispered into my heart, "don't be like your chickens."
For all of you who do not know, my family has recently (just over the spring) got a chicken coop and even more recently we have received our chickens (pictures soon).
These chickens (I have to say it), are dumb. When they first arrived and we put them in their coop, they refused to come out. They stayed huddled in a corner, cowering and occasionally moving out of the pack to scratch for something among the wood shavings.
Even when we opened the door to let them free they continued to hang back. The door stayed opened for a few hours when finally one decided to poke her head down the hole.
Eventually me and my siblings ended up pushing them out to show them that's where they were supposed to go in the first place. They couldn't stay cooped up much longer.

That's when it hit me: I don't want to be a chicken.
How many times has God opened a door for me and I've set back and done nothing, the fear swallowing me. How many times have I poked my head through that open door and then hurried back whence I'd come simply because the unknown was just too scary.
What I may not have realized is the amazingness waiting for me if I simply stepped through.
Every open door when unlocked by God, is an amazing opportunity to change your life. The fear aren't chains unless you let them.
There is no faith if there is no fear.
There is is no testimony without a test.
You can't say you had courage if you didn't have tiny doubts.
Don't be a chicken and wait for God to force you to go through the door or worse yet stay forever in the dark by the Light but never braving into it.
I know I've touched faith before but I think faith is a hard topic because it's easier to read then do.
I know you have doubts - we all do.
Again, I think that there is rarely ever a time where following God doesn't have doubts. Some of what you feel is real - wondering if you'll fail. If everyone will question your choice.
Just make sure those doubts don't hold you back.
Dare to be free. Dare to step through the door. Dare to step into God's plan and see what next chapter He has written for you.
And don't be a chicken about it. ;)

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4 of your thoughts

  1. I love this! Another wonderful, thought-provoking post!
    ~Emily <3

  2. Omw, Kara, I loved this post!! Excuse my excitement, but it hit home and I'm glad I read it. Thank you for being the great writer you are.


    1. Thank you for being the encouraging commenter that you always have been - this encouraged me so much.
      I regretted posting this post all day yesterday because I wondered if I'd just rambled a little too much haha.
      Thanks again!


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