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Hola readers! I'm a lover of all things tagging and Emily tagged me a few weeks ago for The Wisteria Writer Tag. Thank you Emily for this beautiful tag - it made my day. ♥

1. thank the blogger who nominated you
2. answer the ten questions
3. add ten (writing or book) questions of your own

4. nominate ten people

Are you writing anything at the moment? If so, what? I'm (starting today) writing a devotional book (surprise to anyone who never guessed I'd try this - thank you Naomi for mentioning it!), complying some of my blog posts. I'm also editing my WIP, 300 some page book, I began three years ago called When Evil Reigns.  
Who inspires you to write? Believe it or not, my little brothers  were the first and still continue to inspire me. Back three years ago they were bemoaning the fact that there isn't many books for teens that have a limited amount of romance. Thus my series The Sons and Heirs Trilogy was born and is still very much a work in progress. The thought of them reading it one day soon is my motivation!   
What resources do you typically use when writing? I use google, Pinterest, and some of my Mom's home schooling books. A website full of Anglo Saxon names is my happy place, Pinterest compiles my thoughts, youtube my playlists, and doctor websites all my injuries and poisonings. 
Writing pet peeve? When someone interrupts me. I'm picky about how I read and write and need quiet if I'm what I'm doing is becoming more then a hobby. I'm a serious writer in a way. I need no one over my shoulder - which is an HUGER pet peeve then noise.
Reading pet peeve? Depends on my mood. I hate love predictable love triangles or predictable villains. The predictable triangle is worse - think Hunger Games. 
Have you ever designed a book cover? If so, can we see a picture? This one was designed a while back so please don't judge! 

What's your favorite thing about writing?  Writing-both blogging and fiction- is my therapy (as one of my friends points out about herself). My characters are pieces of me that I need to see clearly.  I love that! It clears my brain to write and gives my hectic mind an escape.
Have you ever taken writing classes? I've read books (if that counts). GoTeenWriters is lovely! 
 Favorite place to write? Outside, but the screen of my laptop is picky about where and where I can't go.
Are you a planner or a pantser, when it comes to writing? I'm a planner for sure mainly but at the same time I need spontaneous. If I have my whole book planned out I lost motivation to write, and many of the plot twists that magically appear. For The Broken Prince last year I NEEDED planning though because the one I'd written before it ended up having taken place 8 years later, so events and characters needed to follow along with that mind-set.

Thank you again Emily for this tag! I tag anyone who loves to write! Seriously, please take this. I'm horrible at tagging people so please forgive me for skipping this rule. And use the questions above - they were awesome!  

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  1. I really liked reading your answers! And I think your book cover is beautiful. :) Thanks for doing the tag!

  2. CONGRATS on your WIPs, Kara. Best of luck with them as you press ahead in the writing game. It's a tough thing to master but it sounds like you're well on your way to a great story. :)

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