Without Warning by Lynette Eason {A Book Review}

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Katie Singleton works for the Elite Guardians Protection Agency and rocks her job. Her next assignment comes accidentally however, when she stumbles upon Daniel Matthew's in the middle of an upheaval at his restaurant.
Daniel found a dead body, an at-first-glance suicide, hanging in his basement, and quickly both he and Katie realize that he's being targeted and stalked. Whoever is after him wants him out of business and quick - even if it means killing everyone in his path.
Daniel's teenage niece doesn't want to lose anymore people she loves and signs Katie up to be her uncle's bodyguard. Together she and Daniel must find the killer before he finds them.

First of all before I go on and on about Without Warning, may we take a moment to appreciate this beautiful cover? I'm usually not a fan of suspense front covers. They're sometimes just of scenery, or if they are of people, I'm still not a huge fan of the cover art. For some reason I rocked this one so much!
Who doesn't like to see a strong female main character on the front cover with smoke and a really cool looking outfit and gun (especially when this is a suspense book)?! I just felt it fit everything perfectly.
That being said, they also got the girl right. She's just like I imagined her the entire book and that's great, because that normally doesn't happen.
So front cover aside, the plot itself is pretty awesome too. I loved seeing it the story from Daniel's niece at times, as well as he and Katie's POV. There's some nice sarcastic humor, lots of little trails that lead nowhere that you think were actually leading to something other then another wrong suspect.
The romance is also right on. I completely and utterly ship Daniel and Katie, and one of my favorite parts in the book were the ones that had to do with their PTSD. Disorders like this rarely make headway into a story the way I'd like them to and I thought it was done beautifully, high-lighting healing.
In the end the mystery was a little predictable with the ever so popular right-under-your-nose kind of thing. I felt the person who did it shouldn't have (obviously for moral reasons haha), but for a story itself I felt it should have been less predictable.
I won't say more, but I'm really picky when it comes to me approving of a villain and who he/she should be and I didn't approve of this one. *cough* *cough*
Otherwise I love this new edition to Lynette Eason's already brilliant books and I can't wait for the third book in Elite Guardians to come out.

I got this book free from Revell in exchange for a review

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