When God is Silent

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Hola readers!
God is opening my eyes to some things about my life and what I have been doing wrong in my spiritual life. He's also teaching me what to do when He is seemingly silent.
Here is What To Do When God is Silent...

1. Ask God to reevaluate your dreams if need be

I think this is one of the hardest things to do-or so is true for me. In any moment where you feel God is silent, ask Him if any of your dreams that you've held onto need to be let go. Keep your heart quiet, wait for Him and He will answer You in some way. It may been weeks, it may be that day, but if you keep your heart attune, He will show you dreams that need to be either tossed away or readjusted to fit better with His plan, or kept just the way they are.

2. Look Over What God Has Told When You Did Feel Him Speaking

I keep a spiritual notebook filled with things I feel God speaking to me and when He is being quiet I like to look over it and see if I've missed something. Sometimes all the notes I've taken over the course of a few weeks will come together-almost like a message.
They'll have the same meaning.
Once I felt God saying, "let go of your dreams." In the parts I'd been reading in my Bible, and the verses I'd felt God speaking through most, had been on this. It took me looking over my notes to see how God had been speaking to me in the past and how I'd been kinda ignoring that.

3. Be silent

I know I said this in #1 but it's true. When you feel God staying silent, you must be silent. See if actually He has been speaking in a silent way in your life and you've been ignoring it in your busy life.

4. See what open doors you may have missed

Are you looking for God to open a door? Are you at the end of the rope? Look to see what doors in your life you may have missed that God may possibly be telling you to jump through.
In a lot of cases there may be no doors but in others there may be one. For me this week, I found that the case.
Make a list of things you can do in your life right now that you may be ignoring because they seem so small and minimal. Look over the list, pray, and ask God if there is anything you need to open your heart to.

This list isn't a magical list. If you do everything it doesn't mean that magically you will know God's will in your life. But it does mean you are open to His will.
Sometimes to find God's plan for your life you must let go of your hopes and dreams.

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