Back In Time {A Repost Of A Poem}

7:23 AM

Back in Time

I want to go to another place, another time
I want to go to a time where everything seemed fine
Maybe about when I was eight and was just learning that I loved to  roller skate
Or perhaps when I was five and life seemed just fine and I felt I had all this time 
I want to go back in time - a time where I thought that I could fly
Where all I had to worry about was scraped knees, falling off the swings, or nasty bumblebee stings
A time where I was asking, "Mommy, can I have a horse? Please oh please?"
I want to ride again in the back of my Daddy's truck 
I want to again believe that blowing dandelion puffs bring good luck
I don't want to have to worry about how to drive or how fast I'm finding that time flies on by
I've found that I only want to go back in time


I put this poem on the blog awhile ago and I thought I should bring it back out, just to take it in and remember something I wrote two years ago. I was feeling very nostalgic back in 2015 as I was preparing to start up one more year of High School and I think I'm still at that longing. I look at that picture of me, my dad, my brother and my sister and I remember how much fun we had.
Nothing beats growing up in the country and riding in the back of an old truck through a field beside your farmhouse. Living there for the short time we did was a very happy place in my life for me, and at times like this there's nothing more I'd like to do then go back for a visit.

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