True to You by Becky Wade [sprinkled with period drama fun and lots of romance!]

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Nora Bradford, historical village owner, book nerd, and BBC period drama fanatic, finds fictional life far safer the real. She drowns herself in the not-so-real worlds of period dramas and loves anything that has to do with a good book.
So very unlike former Navy SEAL John who is very-much in the present. However, two worlds collide when John hires Nora to help him find his birth mother. Nora throws herself into her new work, enjoying a good hunt, but hearts and love may just become entangled in this new-found friendship...

I adore Becky Wade's books and this one is no exception! I related to some of Nora's character - especially her bookish heart - and loved the little period drama stuff sprinkled throughout, and hearing about some of my own favorite fictional men (John Thorton anybody?) and favorite period pieces.
Plus, both the friendship (and eventual romance) of Nora and John is very sweet and not without its hilarity. I appreciated the fun as well as some of the inspirational moments, and both characters are believable and real.
The only small (very small) problem I had in the beginning of the novel was...well, the beginning haha. It took me a few chapters to get into the plot of the story and really get into the characters, but as usual from Becky Wade, I was soon swept up into an adorable romance in Washington, where Nora (at first) finds men in books much better.
I highly recommend for any romance fan!

I received this book free from Bethany in exchange for my unbiased opinion which makes me happy because who doesn't love free reads?!

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