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Hola readers!
Today I'm going to share with you a book from one of my favorite authors. It's Denise Hunter's "Sweetbriar Cottage!"

Noah's divorced...or so he thinks. When the IRS sends him a letter informing him that he's very-much attached to his (what he thought was his former) wife, Josephine, he's shocked. He'd tried so hard to forget her after she broke his heart and now...apparently....she didn't file the paperwork. When he leaves his mountain home and confronts her, she's no happier then he to find that she didn't do what they'd planned.
When the two get stranded on his ranch after a snowstorm hits, Noah wrestles with his resentment but finds he still loves the woman who's still his wife, and Josephine, wrestling in regret can't help but wonder why she ever took his love for granted. When the storm takes a dangerous tern, they must rely on each other for survival and Josephine must learn to reconcile her broken past and trust the God who loves her more then Noah.

I was dying for this book so much! I'm a huge, huge, fan of Denise Hunter and normally read her books in one gulp. This one doesn't disappoint...except maybe for the cover. The cover doesn't do this yummy book justice honestly.  The plot is mostly in a winter like setting with snow and lots of ice. I would've also enjoyed seeing Josephine and Noah on the front of the cover, but I soon forgot my disappointment in the cover...
 The two main characters crackle with romantic tension as they struggle with their feelings for each other, but then there's also something beyond the romance - there's some beautiful subjects touched here that aren't normally brought up in romantic fiction such as sexual abuse and feeling broken beyond repair. God's grace and the beauty of second chances shine as bright in this book as the lovable characters do. Noah and Josephine are cry-worthy, laugh-worthy, emotionally satisfy characters to invest your time in.
You won't find disappointment in this book - who can't say 'fun plot' when you got two people stuck together for days on end? Who can't say 'romantic' when they must work together to stay alive? This is one worth putting on your shelf for sure!
Grab it and plan to eagerly await the second novel as I am!

Note: I got this book free from BookLOOK in exchange for my honest review.

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