Dear One |A Little Open Letter To The Younger Ladies|

8:03 AM

Dear girl who's slowly becoming a woman but is still quite young,

The world says you don't better unless you're in style. Unless you date. Unless you're knowledgeable in all that is high tech. Unless you make good grades. Unless you're going to college. Unless you don't let your parents rule your life. Unless you wear make-up. Unless you have a cell phone. Unless you watch the popular movies. Unless you listen to the popular music. Unless you can use profane language.
But dear girl, that's not true. You're worth so much more then this world says you are. Here' s little reminder for you today...


Jesus doesn't care what you've done or who you are.


You're defined by who you are in Christ.

  • you're more then what you wear
  • you're more then a girlfriend on so-and-so's list of girlfriends
  • you're more then the makeup on your face, then the acne you try so hard to cover
  • you're more then how expensive your clothes are
The world says to be you yet they pull you into something you're not. They say be yourself, but really the hidden message is, "be who we want you to be, but make sure you're following our set of rules."
Your body doesn't have to be sexy or hot. You don't act or dress ten years older then you really are. 

You're more then an age.

You are a beautiful creation of God.

You're trying to hard to be something you're not, to be someone that that a certain crush wants you to be. Don't listen to his lies, his words that you're not good enough. Dear girl, there's already a Prince who loves you more then life itself. Dear girl, I know you're looking for love but a boyfriend, a certain social media status, it won't make you happy. Not for long. 
I've been there. I've tried it. 

It doesn't work.

Jesus loves you dear girl. Stop running. Jesus is chasing you, wanting you, loving you, longing to hold you. He wants to make your brokenness beautiful. Follow Him. It's Him who will satisfy your heart. Don't go for sex or drugs. Don't got for dirty books because they make you feel grown up. Don't try to mimic the apparently perfect people in the pictures of your Instagram feed. You're a beautiful, unique, individual. Jesus takes you as you are. He takes your messiness, your confusion, He knows you feel misunderstood.  He knows how life just doesn't make sense to you, why you've been hurt, abandoned, taken places you didn't want to go. He sees your longing for a father. 

You are worth so much more then this world lets on. It steals your innocence and calls that fact 'good' but the world is messed-up. Your innocence is worth protecting, something you can never have back. Your youth isn't garbage that needs thrown away. 

Jesus made you who you are and He never makes mistakes. He loves what He's created. He sees you as precious as the diamond you want to see on your finger. 

He sees you as something worth dying for. 

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8 of your thoughts

  1. This is so beautiful, Kara! Thank you for sharing- it was a blessing to read. <3

    1. Aww thank you Emily! You. Are. A. Blessing.

  2. Wow, I'm calling myself a young girl today. This is so sweet and precious, and you are so thoughtful and loving. And the best thing about this message is it's 100% true.

    Man, that last line was a perfect conclusion too. xx

    1. Aww Jessica, thank you!!!! <3 <3 <3 Your comments are always so sweet and never fail to make my day

    I so wished I would have taken these words to heart years ago, but it also challenges me to listen all the more now.
    Thanks for being awesome and sharing your heart <3
    elissa //

    1. THANK YOU!!!
      I'm tired of the messages getting thrown out at the girls around me and this was just from my heart to them. <3 <3 <3

  4. YES. ALL THE YES. This is so good, Kara!

    1. Aww thank you!!!! I appreciate you taking part on my corner of the world!


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