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Today I'm reviewing Jeanne M. Dickson's book "Grounded Hearts" which I eagerly awaited since I'm a huge fan of 1940s books.

The book opens up in the midst of World War II in neutral Ireland, where troops found on Irish soil must be reported, midwife, Nan, enjoys her semi quiet country life. However, all that is destroyed when she finds a wounded Canadian soldier, bleeding on her doorstep. She secretly takes him in, hoping to get him well and send him quickly on his way before she's discovered, but more quickly erupts between the two as they form an unbreakable bond in the midst of war and Nan's conflicting heart that houses secrets she's too afraid to reveal to anyone...even Dutch who is quietly stealing her wounded heart.

As I said, I eagerly awaited this novel and we quickly get thrust into the action of World War II and of neutral Ireland which is a plus since I was afraid it'd be slow. The plot is creative and the front cover eye-catching, however I quickly ran into some problems that kept me from enjoying the book to its full potential.
First of all, the writing style wasn't my favorite. It was at times unprofessional and over-explaining. For instance, instead of saying, "fear struck her heart," it may say, "she felt afraid," at times annoying me when I really wanted to get into the action.
The characters are done reasonably on development and being well-rounded but I felt the whole novel could have been done so much better. Also some mild profanity such as 'bloody h*ll' as well as some vulgar name calling grew to be more annoying then realistic, and normally it was the ladies who were the ones using the language then the men  - the opposite from what you'd expect in a war-time movie.
Again, the plot is interesting but in the end I felt there were little plot-twists to hold me captive, some language I felt was not needed, and the two main characters who at times I felt I didn't have time to get attached to, remained dry despite at the beginning having some potential. I recently read another novel based off the same time period with a very similar plot that I enjoyed much more (a review on that soon) and Grounded Hearts (sadly) left much to be desired.

This book was given to me from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

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