High as the Heavens [a book review and one of the best 1940s books I've read in awhile]

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British nurse Evelyn, lives and works in German-run Brussels, caring for her patients...but in the night you can find her carrying out dangerous secret missions. But one thing she never expects is to find out the British pilot she rescues from a crash-landing, is actually her husband, Simon, she took for dead a several years past. But while chemistry still crinkles between them, the reunited couple find that time has changed both of them and the secrets that have grown between them, bridge a gap that will be hard to cross as Evelyn does everything in her power to keep her husband safe.

I was very excited to read this novel by Kate Breslin for many reasons, but one is because I'm a huge huge 1940s fanatic. I love watching old black and white movies as well as reading historical pieces on the era, so I judge the books pretty hard - especially in how the people talk and that sort of thing. AND this is one of my favorite book I've read so far!
High as the Heavens is an exciting, romantic, dangerous adventure that takes you into the life of Evelyn, both nurse and spy who helps heal the very people she wants to see overtaken. I enjoyed that perspective, and the fact that she later finds her long lost husband is an exciting twist I really anticipated. Evelyn has to pretend that he's the enemy which makes for some fun as well as dangerous play.
At times the character development is rough I thought but I loved the backstory for Simon and Evelyn's love story as well as the tension as both are still very much in love but find it hard to trust the other. The action is pretty spot-on and the inspiration is not in-your-face but gracefully added.  This really isn't a light read and not perfect and maybe not note-worthy to some, but I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of historical fiction and of the 1940s era. Plus the front-cover is such a beauty which adds to the pleasure of sitting it up on your shelf.

Note: Bethany graciously allowed me to get this book for free in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

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  1. This is one I'm eager to read, and add to my bookshelf. I just have to pick up a copy and then make the time to read it. I do love the setting (blaming this on Downton Abbey) and also, this cover? It's gorgeous! :)

    1. YES the cover is gorgeous and I loved the book! Be sure and write a review on it so I can learn what you think!


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