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Hola readers!
It's time for another Kara's Confessions this fourth of July. Yesterday was my fourth so today feels like a day to hang around and rest from staying up past eleven and eating too much junk food while watching fireworks.
I pray you have had a blessed day!

1. I don't like Jane Austin books really at all. Except for Pride and Prejudice. I think I always had a hard time admitting this because I love the movies, I love Colin Firth, I love period dramas, but I'm just not a fan of the books. I'm sorry fans, I'm not. I am a Jane Austin fan as odd as that sounds - a fan of the plots I guess I should say, and the fact that she was an author at a time when women as writers weren't popular - but I'm not a fan of her writing style...

...but while we're on the topic, I DO love Mr. Thorton and the ending of North and South almost better then Pride and Prejudice. YES both are good, but the character development was so beautiful in Mr. Thorton. Plus...I admit...I do love Richard Armitage in the movie version.

2. I've never enjoyed YA fiction. Never. I'm sorry, I don't. The characters are always immature, the love situations immature, and just the whole process can be immature. I hate how in the ones I've read or heard about they have sex, go behind their parents' back, make-out and all that junk and just treat love so dumbly. I hate what it's teaching the young girls I know, how we're getting a fake look at love and what a pure, godly, relationship is. The first Divergent book was AMAZING but the rest went downhill - same with Hunger Games and then there's others that aren't worth even reading the back cover.

3. And this is why I decided to write with the YA fiction genre in mind. I want to write the type of books I want to read - the ones I'm not seeing in society.

4. I LOVE LOVE anything from Charles Dickens normally but his book A Take of Two Cities made me cry

5. As a rule I think everyone should (at least once in their life) watch The Sound of Music and The Parent Trap (the older version readers - not the newish one)...and I may or may not have had a crush on Captain Van Trap as a young teen....I feel I confess those crushes quite a bit though so I'm sure there's some face palming going on right now haha.

6.  I fear many things but one is losing friends and that's been a fear I've currently struggled with. I'm just going to be very open and honest here but as I get older I start to become afraid of changes, of talking to my friends less, of them meeting others friends and me being alone. As childish as that sounds to myself because we are adults here and not in grade school, I do feel this constant fear. I love my friends dearly, I love staying in contact and laughing, and it's not like my friends have made me feel as though we're not friends or becoming less then friends (YOU'RE NOT). This is just one of those struggles where I need to let go and let God. It's not about me, it's all about giving it ALL to Him. I need to rely on Him for daily conversation, for a place to vent with all my struggles, to be my comfort. My friends can be there 24/7 but God is.

7. Another thing I struggle with is insecurity in friendships. I'm constantly measuring myself up, comparing and wondering what they think of me. I'm constantly fearful they don't want to be friends anymore and just overall I tend to feel lots of insecurity. Again, this isn't something my friends need to worry about: That they're not being good friends or any of that. Again, this is me not being completely secure in Christ.

8. I am not ashamed to say that I call my chickens "my babies," "chickpeeps," and "ladies."

9.  Paying for a brand new car makes no sense to me. Getting huge student loans makes no sense to me. I'm sorry if this offends but I'm being honest - this is, after all, Kara's Confessions, and I feel that Americans have gone so far in debt it's ridiculous. We buy cars that are the price of small houses, we go to college and become over $50,000 in debt and think, "when I'm older I'll pay it off." THIS, people, is the problem my country faces. I think we're too lenient with our money, too lenient with debt, credit, and loans. I'm sorry but we are.

10. AND last really random one: I HATE HATE leaving voice mail. I don't know why but I do.

 OK, there's some more slightly random things I want to talk about. I love doing these Kara's Confessions. They're fun, freeing, and a time that I feel I can be both deep and do something a little lighter all at once. I also get to share a few random things about me too which is nice. BUT I'd like to start another series too. In the past I've gone on and off with little series and they never stick around, however Kara's Confessions have and I'd like another similar or maybe something completely different to also give Saved by Grace more of a variety. I'm starting a little survey which I'd love if you could participate by CLICKING HERE. I haven't done one in ages and this is somewhere where you can share your ideas for my blog and all that. It shouldn't take more then five minutes at the most and I'd so appreciate your feedback!

Thank you and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY to all those from the USA.

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8 of your thoughts

  1. I know what you mean about YA fiction. I've read very little contemporary, but enough to see the lack. You're awesome for wanting to fill to gap and provide the quality reading young people need!

    I get you on the friendships too. I always wonder whether my friends are sick of me yet. Sometimes it's a consolation to remember they could be feeling the same way, and really we're all in this together. I like how you bring it back to God too. He's one we can trust to always be there.

    Yes to number nine! I couldn't agree more. A few people I know have recently bought new cars, and I can't understand it. They could've bought a house, or done a hundred other things. I mean, I drive a car that would be lucky to sell for $100, and it still takes me all the places I need to go. Anyway, you get it, and that's really good to hear. :)

    I did the survey but I couldn't think of any other serious topics to suggest, but I'll keep thinking and let you know if think of something! Seriously though, I'm sure whatever you come up with will be good to read. :)

    1. Aww thanks for doing the survey - I appreciate the feedback and the time you took. Thank you! <3

      Haha, all the vehicles my family has ever owned have been at least ten years old and our oldest is from 1997 and we would be very lucky to sell old blue for anything. But you're right, they get us where we need to go! =)


  2. THE SOUND OF MUSIC YASSSSSS (Haven't watched The Parent Trap though...o.0)

    UGH I hear you about the friendships. Are my friends tired of me yet? I don't know. Are they just being with me out of pity? I don't know. Will I see them after I finish school? I don't know. AIGH

  3. I haven't tried to read Jane Austen in forever. I wasn't ready for the length of her writings back then, but I should probably try it out again and see what I think..

    I have read a good amount of and love Christian YA if you ever want a suggestion or two!

    I'm planning to share this post with one of my best friends solely for the chicken confession :) I will forever wonder why she has such an affinity with those birds.


    1. Oh yes, I'd love a suggestion - please do throw them my way! I can never seem to find too many decent YA fiction and I'm in the mood for a good book.

    2. Shannon Dittemore has an amazing book "Angel Eyes." It's a trilogy, but I haven't read the other two, so I can't vouch for them. But "Angel Eyes" was absolutely amazing. It does involve angels and demons, which I am really cautious about reading. But Shannon did a great job staying Biblical.

      Nancy Rue has a 4-book series called "In Real Life." My favorite (probably) was "Boyfriends, Burritos, and an Ocean of Trouble," which is about dating abuse. She also has a great anti-bullying series for middle-schoolers, "So Not Okay." It's great even when you're older. :)

      Krista McGee's Anomaly trilogy is beautiful and full of absolutely amazing plot twists.

      "Counted Worthy" by Leah E. Good did a great job reminding me how precious God's Word is and how persecution is a real thing.

      "Like Moonlight at Low Tide" by Nicole Quigley deals with absolutely huge topics: suicide, drinking, a mom that isn't really there, etc. The author did an amazing job showing how serious these are, but also giving hope.

      I have longer book reviews of these (and more) on my blog, if you want to check them out. Hope you get read these; I loved them!


  4. So fun to read this, Kara. :)

    YAY for Sound of Music. It's always a great classic must watch.

    Nothing wrong with not liking YA. I get the whole "immature" thing, but I do confess, I enjoy (most of the time) reading them because they're my "don't have to think" books. ;)

    YAY for Mr. Thornton. (And Darcy too.) I hear ya' on the Austen novels. I CANNOT get into the books either. *sigh* But do love the adaptations. It's a mystery.

    1. Yes, the Sound of the Music is one of the best! And I'm glad to find a friend who agrees about the Austen novels - normally if you like the adaptions for the movies you enjoy the books, but apparently it doesn't always work that way. =)


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