Chasing Secrets [A Book Review]

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Hola readers!
It's time for another book review that concludes one of my favorite romantic suspense series from the amazing Lynette Eason.

When Haley Callaghan's purse is almost stolen by a teenager, instead of pressing charges she decides to help him and his family with their little boy who's dying. Her heart's always been set out to protect others which is why she's one of the best in the Elite Guardians as a bodyguard. But as old memories begin to surface and Haley realizes she's not who she thought she was, Steven Rothwell takes it upon himself to stay with her. Together, he and Haley will have to uncover her past while dodging bullets.

I was looking forward to this read, and I have to say that Chasing Secrets has just as cool of a front cover as the rest of the books in the series did. The girl looks exactly like I would expect Haley to and it instantly sets the mood for the plot itself pretty high.
I love that Haley is Irish, the Irish accents one of my favorite parts of the book since I'm such a sucker for them. Steven and Haley are also both likable characters and I enjoyed seeing their love story unfold as well as the mystery itself.
However, I was slightly disappointed. The plot was slightly cliche as well as a bit more predictable then the latter books have been and I'd guessed the murderer before I'd like. Also I felt that some things were over-explained, an aspect I'm always going to point out - especially in suspense because it slows everything down slightly.
BUT these were only minor details and I still really enjoyed this read. Seeing females rock their job as Elite Guardians was a pure pleasure without being over the top and still leaning on the men in their lives, instead of the message, "move over and let the ladies take over."
Recommend for any fans of suspense or Lynette Eason - a sure pleasure!

Revell is amazing - they gave me this book for free because I reviewed it. Thank you.

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