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For us ladies, guys can be confusing just as much as we can be confusing to them, and it just doesn't seem like we're speaking the same language. Girl Talk Guy Talk tackles the tough questions, how to handle yourself with the opposite sex, go out on a date, and live out your faith in a sex driven world, using stories, skill-building tips, and encouraging messages.

I got this book for my brother but it's nice to spread the word myself even if it's not exactly a read in my age range. The book is for both the guy and girl, having separate devotions for each of them. I loved and really appreciated that! Also, the quizzes are fun and relevant and I thought it was neat that both a guy (Jesse Florea) and girl (Karen Whiting) author was on the team to see from both sides.
The topics range from purity, to dating well, to handling a conversation, to true beauty, to being yourself in a world that is constantly on the look-out for the next high. At times the teenage sarcasm feels forced for this young adult who doesn't read too many of these books now, but Charles Thomas (my fifteen year old brother) enjoyed the humor. He said he doesn't agree with everything - at times - but overall it's an encouraging book for young teens.
While at times I found the sarcasm forced, this is otherwise a fun, informing book for both the guy and girl, plus the layout is super cool.
Really enjoyed!

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  1. Sounds like a really cool book! I can't say I've ever heard of it before, but that's cool that they have a book from a guy and girl perspective. And even if maybe you don't agree with all of the perspectives of a book, it's always cool to at least maybe be introduced to the way that other people view something.


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