Movies and TV Shows On My Fall Bucket List

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Hola readers!
Fall is pretty much here for me and I look forward to a warm open fire next weekend and having smores with my church under a darkening sky. It should be fun and a wonderful opening to fall weather.
Another thing I like to do in the fall (other then drink and eat anything with pumpkin), is watch new movies and TV shows as well as older ones I've had on my bucket list for a while....

The Brave
Airs Fall 2017 on NBC

I saw the promo for this I don't know how many times while watching AGT and I'm actually excited to see this. I heard that it accurately depicts real missions and I love anything that has to do with military, so this is on my to-watch list for sure.

The Great Wall
Released on DVD 2017

I saw my library has this one up for rent so I think I'll make a grab at it in the near future. I love fantasy and a fantasy movie that has minimum language and no sex or nudity? I'll try it!

Goodbye Christopher Robin
In theaters fall 2017

My sister showed me this trailer and it looks like such a cute movie. Winnie The Pooh was my childhood and I'm a big World War Two history buff and movies that depict things such as PTSD - I'm all in. I probably won't see this on the big screen but I'll be sure and rent it.

Revive Us 2
In theaters October 2017

Last year Kirk Cameron had a LIVE time of worship and revival in theaters across America. The speakers and worship was AMAZING and I'm so excited to get this again. The tickets are a little pricey but it is so worth it to be joined together in prayer and worship, asking God for revival in America.  I highly recommend going!

Same Kind of Different
In Theaters Fall 2017 (I think?)

I don't know for sure when this movie is going to come out but seeing the racial divide in America grow makes this movie shine all the brighter.

When Calls the Heart Season 4
Fully released on the DVD collection fall 2017

I fell back in love with WCTH after season 3 and after a bumpy ride with season 2. Can't wait for some romantic fun with this Hallmark show.

The Zookeeper's Wife
Recently released on DVD

I didn't get a chance to see this in theaters but I'm excited to try it on the little screen in my living room. Despite some of the harder themes, I know this movie depicts Christians during World War II and I'm ready to give it a try.

So there you have it - my fall movie bucket list. I have some others on there: Star Wars, because yes, I've never watched them before. I currently finished the 1970s and 80s trilogy and will continue onto the apparently not-as-good 1990s. From there I'm pumped for The Force Awakens and then for the new movie in theaters in December. Totally pumped for that!
Then I received the complete I Love Lucy collection, so that'll be something I can annoy my family with for awhile haha. And finally, I'm excited to see how the TV series Ties That Bind plays out as my family currently as PureFlix and I was able to see the first episode over the weekend. Nothing like a Cop show...currently in the mood for those as well as high action.

What's on your fall to-watch list?

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  1. First I absolutely love this blog post and I might have to steal it sometime. :) Second awesome list! I haven't heard of like any of these but they sound super cool.

    1. Feel free to steal it Naibla - I won't mind. ;)

  2. All of these sound good, except WCTH, I'm not a fan! But the others are on my own list for sure! :)

    1. Aww, you're not a fan of WCTH? Bummer - I really like the show! But yes, watch the others - they sound like they'll be really good if they go about doing what the trailer looks like they'll be doing haha. If that makes sense... :P


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