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If you're wondering why I'm reviewing a seemingly boring book, it's because I know SO many people going through mental illness and I wondered about this from a Christian perspective. Let's take a look, shall we?

About: As Christians we should neither blindly accept nor entirely dismiss psychiatric labels, diagnosis's, and medicines that are prescribed to those who are suffering.    
This book informs us how to handle and untangle mental illnesses and what the Bible says about them.

I looked forward to this book for the reason that I know so many people with mental illnesses who are on medication and not getting spiritual help or Godly encouragement. I wanted to know what a counselor who is a Christian would have to say about this and really see everything from a Biblical perspective. This isn't really an easy or not-complicated read. The information isn't extremely lengthy and was VERY helpful, but having no medical background and really not one for text-book readings, at times makes this book hard to understand. However, the Biblical advice is tried and true, with Bible verses as evident as how we as Christians need to take certain diagnosis and how we as Christians should respond.
I recommend for ANYONE going into counseling, is a mentor or simply curious about how we should treat certain diagnosises.

Thank you to Litfuse for allowing me to read such an informative and helpful book. *Thumbs up*

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  1. This is going on my TBR for sure, I've always been interested in mental illnesses.

    1. I always have been too and this book is extremely helpful!

  2. This sounds interesting! A book I found really insightful on this topic is Grace for the Afflicted by Matthew Sanford. It has practical sections in each chapter on how the church can support people in that situation too.

    1. Ohh thank you for the book recommendation! I will be sure and check it out!


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