God WILL Give You More Then You Can Handle

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I've come to hate the saying, "God won't give you more then you can handle."

It's wrong. So wrong.

God gives people more then they can handle all the time.

Loved-ones die, accidents happen, darkness clouds your mind, people you trust betray you, and friends disappear. Dads or moms aren't there for their kids, cancer comes and goes, you get kicked out of your house, divorce is real, adultery kills your faith.
I've known people who have more then they could handle. They don't know if they'll have a warm place this winter, some wonder if the depression will go away, anxiety ruling their day-to-day lives. Anger in families still exist, girls are molested, war continues overseas, abortion is legal. I don't even like watching the news anymore.

No, the old saying is wrong.

God gives people more then they can handle.

It sounds harsh, doesn't it? God 'giving' us problems, and trials, and unspeakable tragedy.

But in the pain - that's when we come to Him. That's when we see our need for Him, when we learn about ourselves, when we can choose to become stronger in the end. It's a time of shaky learning, of tears, heartache, of helplessness and decision: Will we choose God or our pain? Will we question, try to see from his point of view when we can't?

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

The Bible paints God as a Loving Father - not as a condemning judge who enjoys inflicting pain. He sees the bigger pictures, he sees the map, beyond the roadblocks and accidents. And he's there and he's here with you. He doesn't leave you to walk the pain alone.

Yes, God allows people to experience more then they can handle each day. It's wrong to say otherwise. It offers little encouragement to say otherwise.

Because people experience more then they can handle every day.

It's why I encourage the broken to not be afraid of counseling or mentoring or therapy. It's why it's OK to cry, to hurt, to feel pain. It's OK to not have all the answers, to go for help. It's OK to feel deeply. We live in a world of free-will and choices and mistakes.
God WILL allow more then we can handle every day...but He promises to get us through it.

Relying on God has to begin all over again, every day, as if nothing had yet been done. C.S Lewis

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  1. I agree with this so much! God gives us challenges so that we can grow and learn from the challenges of life. Without hard times, it's harder to grow and mature. I do think our relationship with God does grow stronger when we are faced with challenges too. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

    1. Aww, thank you for your comment Vanessa. It's hard though, isn't it - to accept that God allows challenges? BUT because He does love us, then challenges are one way to bring us to Him.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. exactly. thank you for saying this :)

    1. Thank YOU for commenting. I love hearing from you. <3

  3. Yes, for sure! I am always a little aggravated when people say this. My version is something like God won't give us anything that His grace is not sufficient for. Thanks for sharing! <3


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