Redefining What I Believe

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Hola readers!

Recently I received an e-mail asking me why I chose to talk about the things I believe on my page, "I Believe." I didn't even realize very many people checked out that page honestly.  I'd written it years ago after seeing another blogger write their "I Believe" page very similarly and I remember I liked the simple format. (If you want to see the page, head on over there now before I update it!)

However, the e-mailer told me I was very vague, and looking over the page, I realized there was more I wanted to say and maybe now, as an adult, in a slightly different way. Christmas also does this to you, making you look at yourself and what you believe and realize how important Jesus Christ is in our lives. I really want to take the time to explain what I believe and why to you readers, and I want future readers to know what point of view these posts will be coming from.
So as this post may not be as exciting or 'fun' as normal posts, I think it's important.

An Updated Version of "I Believe" 

I and first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ and He's the only One who has been there for me every moment of every day. He has made me a believer in second chances and I know that no matter what, He is a forgiver of ALL sins. Jesus doesn't show favoritism, yet He loves each one of us like we're the only ones in the world.

This blog is a judge-free zone. If you come here with your problems, with your junk, with your struggles, I'm not going to see you as any less. However, God hates sin. It puts a separation between us and Him. If I'm with someone and they're going against God's word, I WILL approach you eventually about it. Again, judge-free, but I believe that we are to speak Truth into each other's lives. It doesn't mean me screaming in your face, but it does mean me speaking in Love.

I believe that EVERYTHING we believe must be backed with Truth. I believe in not believing something without knowing why. I believe that Christianity isn't blind faith, that it's the only religion that can be completely proven truth with hard-evidence. There's proof the Bible is true, that it was translated accurately and the writers of the Bible really existed.

I believe that God never changes His mind or breaks His promises. In that Truth, that means that things the Bible says is wrong, remains wrong until the end of time. I believe that sex out of marriage is wrong the same that I believe murder or abortion is wrong. But I believe that Jesus's death and Resurrection brings forgiveness and, as I said before, a judge free zone.

I believe that Love conquers all, that this darkness is only temporary. I believe that every life has value, that your life is not your own, that suicide is never an option. I believe in healing, in there being a way out of depression and anxiety. I believe in each person being beautiful, and I believe that you are special.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you - it was so refreshing to write. <3

  2. Absolutely love this! I love how you mentioned that even though this is a judge free zone, if there is truth that you need to speak into someone's life, you are going to do so. For me, this has been so vital, because I will only speak truth into someone's life if I am close enough with them. I'm not going to tell a stranger on the street that I don't agree with ___, because it will not be coming in an attitude of love because you know the person.

    1. YES this is so true! Often times we want to judge others and and point fingers at all times, but that's not the way to live. I read Lacey Sturm's book recently (The Reason) and she use to be in a teen Christian rock band. However none of their songs mentioned Jesus, yet many people were responding to Christianity because of the love being shown.
      I feel this is something we all need to realize - sometimes it's more about our actions then our words, isn't it?
      Thank you for your comment!

  3. I agree so much, and you worded it well. This sentence was my favourite: Jesus doesn't show favoritism, yet He loves each one of us like we're the only ones in the world. xx

    1. Aww thank you sweet Jessica. I really appreciate you! <3

  4. Well now this IS interesting. You say you believe that we are to speak Truth into each other's lives. I agree.

    Here's a truth. Christ repeats again and again that men are not to punish sin by law. In that time Pharisees practiced theocratic government under Roman occupation. Sins against God were judged and punished by men. Christ said that this was wrong, that they knew the Word but not its meaning. (GENUINE) Christians since that time have NOT punished sin. Man's laws are a kind of mutual protection pact, not an expression of God's will.

    So the wish list of "Christian" laws some yearn for are NOT Christian at all. They defame the Church. And the willingness to abet evil to achieve them is an abomination. Christ would have us feed the poor, clothe the naked and heal the sick. He has said the rich cannot enter into heaven. No government of Christian men would put the rich above all others. Nor would it turn away the refugees of war.


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