Until We Find Home [a peaceful world war II novel]

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American Claire, finds herself with a handful of French children in the middle of England during a war that is tearing the world apart. She's smuggled these children across the boarder, never expecting to have to stay with her estranged aunt who's still recovering from losses in her own life.
Claire isn't prepared to keep the children, yet together she and her aunt must come together as war rages, to keep anyone from finding her little refugees.

I was extremely excited for this book, because, I mean Cathy Gohlke is a beautiful World War II author who writes compelling, realistic fiction. I was a bit surprised with Until We Find Home, however. The pace is slower from her other novels, keeping a more peaceful plot with hints of romance and little appearances from C.S Lewis (one of my favorite moments).
The character development is also slow due to the pace of the plot and while I enjoyed seeing a relationship form between Claire and her Aunt, the constant change of point of views from the vast range of characters, created a book (at times) hard to sludge through.
The plot itself wasn't a bad one - it's a very good one. However, I didn't get to know Claire as much as I'd like and her love interest wasn't able to grow.
I did enjoy the moments with C.S Lewis and hearing his words just as hundreds of others did during the 1940s. The inspiration wasn't lacking and I found the book highly realistic for the time period.
I was sad I didn't enjoy it like I thought I would - the author taking a different route of pace, but for fans of calmer fiction during the height of the second World War, this book will be one you should go for. It has a sweet romance, hurting characters and sweet children. There's nothing lacking in character complexity and seeing England back in the day - just a slower pace that will disappointment you if you're looking for a book like the other recent ones from Ms Gohlke.
Not my favorite of her's, but like I said, I probably wouldn't have minded as much if the points of view hadn't been so diverse. However, still a solid read for fans of the author's fiction.

Thank you for Tyndale allowing me to get one of the first copies of this book and allowing me to review it.

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  1. This is not my kind of genre, but this sounds good! I might tell some of my friends who like books like this about it. ^_^


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