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Casey Fox is still on the run, accused of a murder she didn't commit, and she's running out of places to find refuge. She's tried every disguise and now her face is all over the news.
Dylan wants to help her, but the clock is ticking on both their lives. The killers will not be easily exposed and together, Dylan and Casey wonder if one will have to sacrifice their life to keep the other alive.

If I Live is possibly the most anticipated book for me since I read the second book in the If I Run Series last year. This book is addictive from the first chapter, throwing you head-first into heart pounding action that's begging to be read. It's like a cliff-hanging episode or TV show that you must binge watch on or you'll be driven crazy by the suspense.
The inspirational message of Casey's growing relationship with God still rings clear without becoming cheesy or over-bearing, making this a read for both the secular and Christian world.
I adore Casey and Dylan, their love story made complicated by the circumstances of their stories, and not as light as your normal romance.
Everything is believable, well-researched and fascinating. We have a little less running and more capturing in this read, but this makes the action none-the-less addicting. I adore the story as it is so well-written that I swear I can picture everything so perfectly in my mind. There's enough plot-twist to keep you on the edge of your seat (and lots of surprises), but not enough to make things over complicated. I can follow along perfectly without turning back to see who's who.
This read is wonderful for both a suspense and contemporary lover. It's just so good! All my siblings and I love it, and we are constantly discussing the aspects of the series. I just can't say enough about Terri Blackstock and her books. Her other novels are good - but they just keep getting better and better each year. She definitely ranks as my favorite suspense author!
Highly recommend, and a highlight already in my 2018 Reading list!


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  1. This series is so amazing and mind-blowing! I love it!! <3

  2. I love this trilogy! As a matter of fact, I read the first book, then immediately checked out the second book from the library, and read the second and third (from Netgalley) all in one night!

    1. WOW! You ARE ambitious! They are addicting though haha.

  3. That's the best book I've ever read! -June


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