Little Known Movies: Too Many Girls 1940 [a movie review]

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Too Many Girls
Genre: Musical/Comedy
Year: 1940

Hola readers!

I've become quite an classic movie buff and nothing is more fun then watching black and white musicals. So just for fun, I bring you the review for "Too Many Girls."

Connie's (Lucille Ball) father sends her off to a nice, quiet college to get her away from her wild ways, but without her knowledge, sends four handsome bodyguards to escort her.

This movie was (I'll admit), bought on a whim because I'm a die-hard I Love Lucy fan as well as a musical lover (think Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and The Sound of Music). Too Many Girls comes across as one of the movies teens would have watched back in the 40s - but of course a whole lot cleaner!
Here you behold an air light romance, fun music and handsome main characters (Desi Arnaz, Richard Carlson, Eddie Bracken, among others). I loved the winsome fun and the downright humor of the lead males - I laughed so hard I cried in many of the scenes, and personally I think that Eddy Bracken stole the show. Of course, Desi Arnaz wasn't too bad either - playing the part of a latin lover to many of the girls at the college and quite the player.

The acting of all the leads is decent, the music (done by the same guys as The Sound of Music), is fun and catchy. The sets are mostly on sound stages from my recollection and it is in black and white, so sit back for something that is purely old fashioned and purely fun.
 For those looking for something deep that goes beyond entertaining, will be disappointed, but personally I enjoyed this light-hearted musical. I don't know why for the cover we see Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz since each of the leads were equal stars - each funny, wise-cracking college football players trying their hand as bodyguards for the lovely Connie.
And personally, the dancing was my favorite!!!! The Conga stood out the most in the end, making this a rom-com with good music, lots of fluff and plenty of clean fun.

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  1. This looks so cute! I might check it out. <3

    1. It was! I would totally check it out if I were you - were you the one who said you enjoyed I Love Lucy?
      It's super cute and I adored seeing young Lucille Ball!

  2. My sister and I binge watch I Love Lucy, so I think we would like this! It sounds like a fun one.

    Great review! :D

    1. Oh yes, do watch it! I personally loved Too Many Girls! As for where to watch the movie, you may have to look on Ebay or Amazon used because the movie tends to be a rare one.
      Have fun - and it's so nice to know another I Love Lucy fan!!!


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