why changing your perspective can change EVEYRTHING

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I lived for a short time of my childhood in the mountains in an old farmhouse that didn't have air condition and you had to travel an hour to go to Walmart. I don't remember much of that time, but those moments, that place where my parents grew up, is a place I always run to today as an adult. 
When life is getting too much, working in the public is weighing on me, and the choices I need to make overwhelm my soul
Photos via past return trips

I return to the mountains. 
There's something different there than anywhere I've ever been; a calm, an untouched beauty that doesn't live in the urban areas. I can't explain the feeling I get standing on the porch drinking my coffee in the morning, watching the fog roll off the mountains and the sun rise. 
I can finally let go. 
I can finally breathe. 

Just breathe. 

I've realized the importance of changing my perspective, because that can change everything -- and for me that usually means changing my physical perspective. Sometimes you have to run from the voices to clear your head. Sometimes you need to stand on the mountainside alone to seek answers. 

So long we remain the same. 
We follow the same schedule. 
We follow the same routine tasks. 
See the same people. 
Hang out in the same places. 
We wake up the same time every morning. 
Go to work the same time. 

But sometimes these can crowd what we believe, can help us choose our choices, and we need a change of scenery to change our perspective. One of my clearest memories of this is back in High School, months before graduation. Overwhelmed by college choices, options and the voices of family and friends asking what I was going to do, and overcome by a mind-set that, looking back, was mentally unstable, I wanted to just get away. 
I saw on the hill behind my grandparent's house and watched the sun set. 
And I breathed the cold air. 
And I just breathed. 

And that made all the difference. 

I was able to breathe. I was able to catch my breath. I was able to 

just breathe. 

As much as we hate it or love it or deny it, those we are with can shape our decisions for tomorrow. We are shaped by circumstance and people regardless if we feel we are allowing them to shape us or not. We truly are who we hang out with, and this applies for more than just our childhood. 
We continue to be shaped all our lives. 
And sometimes you need to escape that. You need to be able to stand up and clear your head of the voices. You need to find who you are really are in the chaos. 
And that usually means a change of perspective by changing your scenery.
For me its running away to the mountains. 
For you maybe its the ocean. 
Or a certain city. 
Or town. 
Or country. 
Or road. 

But run. 
Run far and fast. 
And then pause to catch your breath. 
And just. 
Just breathe. 

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17 of your thoughts

  1. So true! I feel more relaxed just reading this!

  2. Oh, this is simply beautiful. <3 I love places like that.
    Also, I did catch a continual typo of yours, you wrote "breath" when you meant to write "breathe". I thought you would like to know since I'm always grateful when people help me catch my typos. <3

    1. Ohh thank you Gray!! Writing this at 6:30 in the morning? Typos abound. :P

  3. wow I love this so much <333 I needed this reminder today

    1. I did too -- the post was for me as much as for my readers. *Hugs*

  4. I love this! It's so true and so important. There's an amazing quote from Wayne Dyer that I've heard quoted by my favorite horseman, Warwick Schiller. He says, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." And I find this has been so, so true for me on my journey the last few years.

    1. Oh yes! I love that quote -- I've never heard it before. <3

  5. This was amazing. Thank you for putting thoughts and ideas into words and encouraging and uplifting me. I'm actually a bit blown away, this post is almost exactly along the lines of the last post I wrote, which I only wrote just now, actually- so I read this directly afterwards and it just felt like a miraculous confirmation.

    Wonderfully written, Kara. Thank you.


    1. WOW that's incredible Tane and so cool!!!!! Thank you so much for commenting!

  6. Yes yes yes. So freaking true. For me, a nice little condo on the beach is just PERFECT for relaxing and just taking time for family and not thinking about gossip or school or anything.
    Love this vibe :)<3

    1. It is SO SO vitally important to take a break from things -- especially now more than ever when basically our phones proclaim every waking minute different messages to us. <3

    2. Right? Our phones take over our lives. It is really important to take a break. I always realize that I think that I "relax" a lot, and then I go to the beach and realize what true relaxation is. Our bodies don't go into that sort of thinking at home, because of the stress of everything.

  7. Oh my gosh aww this is so beautiful and true and calming, Kara!!! Lovely post <333


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